Embossing a stencil Plus a Kaleidoscope Powder Technique

Hello friends, Katy here wishing you a happy Saturday!! I thought I would share a project using the Kaleidoscope Powders from Maker Forte. 

Did you know that all Maker Forte packaging has a QR code on the back and if you scan it with your phone camera it provides you with a list of ideas on how to use it? 

Well the Kaleidoscope Powders have thirty ways (yes, 30 ways) to use them and in todays video I share one of those ways.

As I mentioned in the video, if you would like, I can take one or two of my monthly posts using a technique from the list so you can see them in action. Let me know in the comments either here on the blog or below the video on Youtube if that is something you would like to see.

As always my friends, I have a video tutorial prepared for you and if you have trouble viewing it here on the blog you can click here to watch on Youtube

Please do watch the video for more information on how this came together. 

The technique for today is a quick and easy one. I created a shimmer spray with some water and Kaleidoscope Powder in a spray bottle. 

I also took the Hex Code Stencil and dry embossed it to give a 3D effect. Below I will list the sandwich I used in my die cutting machine to dry emboss my stencil to give you a guide for doing the same technique with your die cutting machine. Just remember that all die cutting machines are different and your sandwich may be a bit different than mine.

Sandwich to dry emboss your stencils:

  • Multipurpose Platform
  • I removed the number 2 tab on my platform
  • Add a Cutting Plate or Chrome Base Plate
  • Add your silicone mat (any silicone mat will do, I have even used the ones from the baking section at the craft store)
  • Add your card stockadd your stencil
  • And finally add your cutting plate
  • Because I removed my number 2 tab on my platform, I also placed a card stock shim to give the right amount of pressure.

Products used in todays project

Kaleidoscope Powder Pluto

Kaleidoscope Powder Neptune

Kaleidoscope Powder Saturn
Maker Forte A2 Top Folding Card Base

Maker Forte Confetti Celebrations Stamp Set
Maker Forte Hex Code Stencil

I hope this inspires you to break out your stencils and Kaleidoscope Powders and create something amazing, these powders sure do make it easy. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you would like to see more ways to use the Kaleidoscope powders. 

I hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll catch you in the next video


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